Brian’s Healing Journey and the Stages of Change Pt. 2 (Season 2, Ep. 10)

In this episode, Ben and Jim continue their discussion with Brian Wolcott, Athletic Director and Dean of Students at Lansing Catholic High School, to talk about his healing journey and how he went through the stages of change. Brian was successful academically, athletically, and socially in high school and went on to play division 1 college baseball. But as time went on, he began to realize that he was no longer able to mask the inner pain that lived just below the surface. Through the help of faithful friends, Brian got on the healing road and found new life through the grace and strength of God. His story is an encouragement to everyone who feels helpless in the face of emotional, psychological, or spiritual challenges, as well as all those who are faithfully helping others walk out their healing journey.

This episode is the second in a two part discussion.

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