Crisis of Happiness – Hurting, Addicting, Healing (Season 1, Ep. 4)

In this episode, Jim and Ben discuss Jim’s new talk “Crisis of Happiness,” and Jim lays out a thumbnail sketch of addiction.  They share the first two steps everyone must take to find freedom for greater purpose and meaning.  They also discuss the dynamics of seeking help when you’re in a time of crisis, and how best to help a friend who is in the clutches of addiction.

  • Jim’s talk, Crisis of Happiness, recently published by Lighthouse Catholic Media and the Augustine Institute.  Click the link to listen to a 5-minute preview and to purchase the full talk.
  • Jim also presented his talk at a local event called Lumen Veritatis.  You can watch it on the Lumen Veritatis YouTube page, along with a bunch of other great talks.

Jim Owens – Licensed Counselor and Professor of Counseling
Ben Pohl – Catholic High School Campus Minister

Current Season
During our season Healing is Possible, we share psychological and Biblical reasons to believe that healing is possible, and share testimonies about the reality of healing.

Seasons of The Healing Road Podcast consist of ~10 episodes and cover broad topics. Mini-Series‘ consist of ~5 episodes and tackle specific and relevant issues, like anxiety, healthy habits, etc.

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