Growth Mindset and Creating Connection in Conversations (Healthy Challenges Mini-Series, Ep. 2)

In this episode, Ben and Jim discuss their first healthy challenges of the mini-series. Jim shares what he learned from applying a growth mindset to an affirmation he chose to help him prepare for a new semester of teaching, and Ben shares how he learned to develop greater connection with others by being aware of his use of “I” statements in conversation.

During our Healthy Challenges Mini-Series, Ben and Jim will challenge each other to take on a unique healthy habit (psychological or spiritual) for an entire week. Listeners will hear their struggles, successes, the lessons they learn along the way, and be encouraged to try their own healthy challenges in 2020.

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Seasons of The Healing Road Podcast consist of 10+ episodes and cover broad topics. Mini-Series‘ consist of 5+ episodes and tackle specific and relevant issues, like anxiety, healthy habits, etc.