Logging Your Day and Gaining a Cosmic Perspective (Healthy Challenges Mini-Series, Ep. 5)

In this episode, Ben and Jim discuss their fourth and final healthy challenges of the mini-series. Jim talks about finding new perspective in spending time thinking about the cosmos, and Ben spends a day logging everything he does. They also tease their next season, Seeing with the Eyes of Eternity, which starts Monday, Feb 3.

During our Healthy Challenges Mini-Series, Ben and Jim will challenge each other to take on a unique healthy habit (psychological or spiritual) for an entire week. Listeners will hear their struggles, successes, the lessons they learn along the way, and be encouraged to try their own healthy challenges in 2020.

You can connect with Jim and Ben at facebook.com/healingroadpodcast and visit their website at healingroadpodcast.com.

Seasons of The Healing Road Podcast consist of 10+ episodes and cover broad topics. Mini-Series‘ consist of 5+ episodes and tackle specific and relevant issues, like anxiety, healthy habits, etc.